Escrow Ether to establish online trust.

Yescrow lets people escrow their crypto as simply as possible.

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Would you like to escrow ERC20 tokens?

how to escrow Ethereum on Yes Crow

Yescrow is at your service. No need to create any accounts, no bullshit, just cut the middleman.

Deposit your ETH and release it once the deal goes through.
Yescrow will only interfere if one of the parties is not satisfied.
All transactions are transparent on Ethereum`s blockchain.

We also offer custom tailored solutions.
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What is Yescrow?

Yescrow is an Ethereum escrow agent that allows strangers to establish trust and transact with each other without knowing each another.

How does a crypto escrow work?

Designate the receiving address and send crypto to escrow. Release the token as soon as you receive what you agreed upon.

If any side is unsatisfied with how the deal turned out, Yescrow will collect evidence from both parties and arbitrate to whom belongs the escrow, keeping 1% of the escrow amount for the work.

In case the crypto in escrow was an NFT, Yescrow will judge free of charge.

How much does it cost to escrow?

ETH and ERC20 tokens - 0.5% fee per escrow + gas.
ETH escrows use less gas than USDT or USDC.
If you escrow NFTs, you only pay for the gas.

What if the depositor does not release the funds?

If the designated receiver does not contact us within 90 days to claim the funds, the depositor is then allowed to withdraw them back to their Ethereum wallet.